Something So Irresistible - Natasha Madison

Something So Irresistible

By Natasha Madison

  • Release Date: 2018-01-08
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 163 Ratings


Max Horton

They call me an outcast like it's a bad thing.

An a*****e byproduct of a s****y upbringing. I don't care about anything except myself and my little sister.

I will always protect what's mine.

With one year left on my hockey contract I'm keeping my head down and my eyes on the goal.

A collision, with her, changes my entire existence.

Allison Grant

Never fall in love with a sports star. That's what my stepfather always said. He told me athletes are complicated and moody—that the higher their paycheck, the lower their morals.

As public relations for the New York Stingers I know exactly what he means, but I can't seem to say no to a friendship with one beautiful, damaged man.

What started out as hate turned into something else.

We tried to stay away, to keep our distance, but the pull was too strong.

Something forbidden turned into something so irresistible.


  • #MadMaxismine

    By Charisd08
    Something So Irresistible the third installment in this series. I been reading Natasha books from the first one and I got said this is her best job. She's growing so much as writer. The plot is just perfect. I love how much the characters fight the attraction, the pull they have to each other. Another thing I love about this book is the slow burn. Mad is named the outcast and bad boy from his team because of the bad choice from his past but while your getting to know through the story you can see he has a big heart. Allison is the little sister of Mad team mate and biggest enemy. Which makes him fight the attraction that he feels for her. Allison just graduated from college and now is looking for her independent after always been treat liked a princess and the protection of her stepfather and older brother. You need to read it to find out if she found her prince charming.
  • An Irresistible Romance

    By Ladydi232
    I’m going to be honest and say going into this book I was 100% sure that there was no way I was going to fall for bad boy, (jerk) Max. And even part way through reading this book I would have sworn that zero swooning was going to happen....BUT... I definitely fell and fell hard!! “I can breathe easy. With her, I can smile just because. With her I know what love is.” I look down at Allison. “With her love I know that I can face anything,” Something So Irresistible is almost / kind of slow burn, but as soon as it heats up, its ON FIRE!!! “...I don’t want to pressure you. So I go at your pace.” “Max, any slower and we are going to be senior citizens finally going to third base.” I absolutely loved this story! If you’ve read any of her books you will know that Natasha Madison really knows how to write a kicka** heroine and Allison is no exception! She Is pretty darn fierce and gives Max a run for his money! “Thank you for loving me and for being something so irresistible,” she says as she leans in and seals it with a kiss.” Something So Irresistible can truly be read as a standalone, but the characters from these books are all related and all show up. Plus some of the events overlap. And since all 3 books are amazing, you are going to want to start Right at the beginning!!! 5 Stars!!!
  • #MadMax stole my heart ❤❤❤

    By Cindy M. Green
    Something So Irresistible is Book #3 in the Something So Series. You don’t have to read the first two books to follow the story, but there are intertwined characters that you will come to know and love. To say that Max and Allison start off on the wrong foot is an understatement. There are things that happened between Max and her family in the past that I won’t elaborate on, so it was hard to believe these two could be anything but enemies. It was also hard to believe that Max could win my heart. He was standoffish, not likeable even when he was on his best behavior and carried a huge chip on this shoulder. However, it didn’t take long to see what was really underneath that hard exterior of his. The initial interactions between Max and Allison were rocky at best, but once they both let their guard down it’s easy to see why they’re intrigued with one another. She’s smart and sassy, keeping him on his toes. He’s gentle and thoughtful when you least expect it. While driving each other crazy they slowly become friends. The chemistry between them builds at a delicious pace, I thought I was going to burst. Max has a soft spot for this sister Denise and will do anything for her, so we know that he’s loyal and unwavering when it comes to the ones he loves. Max slowly but surely weaved himself right into my heart, and he did the same thing with Allison. The journey between Max and Allison is emotional, heartwarming, sexy, funny and all of the above! You will laugh at the crazy banter between them and want to yell at them both for being so stubborn at times. Natasha will pull you into this romance and not let you go until you are enamored with Max and Allison. Rest assured you will be swooning over Max and his Angel.
  • Swoon!

    By Webbhf
    Holy swoon, Batman. I absolutely loved every word of this book! Mad Max is absolutely the best! I loved seeing him and Allison come together. I also loved that the book focused on them and their relationship without a lot of unnecessary drama. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down!
  • Second chance to win your heart

    By myownbookshelves
    I am seriously considering a new category. I seem to be drawn to men who are seemingly the growly, grouchy bears. The jerks we love to hate and love. And Mad Max is not an exception but the definition of the rule. I believe that if we aren't, we all want to be a little bit of Max. Protective, driven, loyal and sincerely wishing we can say exactly what is on our minds. And we'd all need an Allison. Someone to temper the bluntness and soften the edges. It's their characters - how they love to hate each other before they can learn to love each other that drives the reader to turn the pages. Their chemistry is undeniable and leaps into our hearts. Now, series police here: I pretty much insist that you at a minimum read book 2 (Something So Perfect) first before diving in. Max's character ARC really starts there along with Allison and the entire set of secondary characters involved. I think to truly appreciate the journey starting with book 1 is on your to-do list. You don't need to be a fan of the hockey world or any sport to appreciate thestory. Natasha Madison gives the readers a full scope romance that embraces humor, tension and chemistry for a perfect to add to your TBR. 5 out of 5 stars
  • #MadMax

    By Annie13:)
    #MadMax has stolen my heart! I seem to always fall in love with the dark, brooding type and Natasha gave me that and more with Max Horton. This is a story of finding something/someone that will make you open your eyes and open your heart even though you may think you can't. Max has done some pretty despicable things. But there's a deeper reason why he's done them. Sometimes life throws you a crap hand and sometimes you take all the bitterness and run with it. Until something you never thought you could have, changes everything. Allison Grant is off limits as she takes a job with her brother Matthews hockey team. She's wants to go far with this job and nothing is stopping her from doing her job right. What she didn't account for was dealing with a dark and brooding Max. With every encounter the tension between the two sizzle. We watch as these two learn more and more about each other. We watch them jump hurdles and hide away from the world. We watch them fall in love and learn that with each other no one will stop them. Natasha Madison has a way of writing words that grab your attention and your heart. She truly has the knack for story telling. She has become one of my most favorite authors. An automatic one-click author for me. Highly recommended.
  • Max is simply irresistible!!!

    By sferguson105
    I’ve been looking forward to this book since the end of Something So Perfect, and Natasha didn’t disappoint. For an author to take a hero who was at one time a villain, one that I couldn’t stand and never thought I would like, and have readers fall in love with him takes major talent. And that’s exactly what happened with Max. We get to see a side to him that’s a bit vulnerable in this book. We still see his butthead side in this book, mostly at the beginning, but we get a deeper understanding as to where he is coming from. And what better heroine for him than Alison. She’s sweet, sexy, and probably the only woman who could truly handle a guy like Max. Seeing the relationship grow between these two was awesome, and I loved the different sides they brought out in each other. The secondary characters were beyond entertaining in this story. They added so much to this story, and I loved the antics of Alison’s sisters Zoe and Zara. This is the perfect must read that I would definitely recommend!!